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Date registered: April 2, 2011

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  1. Bin Deploy SqlCE 4.0 and EF 4.1 — June 9, 2011
  2. Deploying to SQL Azure — January 20, 2011
  3. Deploying MVC3 Razor Application to Azure — January 20, 2011
  4. Deploying SQL Compact Edition (CE) with ASP MVC and Castle ActiveRecord — January 20, 2011
  5. Silverlight 3 and DeepZoom — August 27, 2009

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  2. Adobe Flex: WebService XML Array Binding, Value-Enabled ComboBox — 2 comments
  3. Application Development: AgileMedSearch — 2 comments
  4. Application Development: AgileBloodGas — 2 comments
  5. Deploying MVC3 Razor Application to Azure — 1 comment

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Bin Deploy SqlCE 4.0 and EF 4.1

When attempting to do a private deployment using SQL Compact Edition and Entity Framework, several errors continued to pop up on client installations: Unable to find the requested .Net Framework Data Provider Could not load file or assembly System.Data.SqlServerCe.Entity or one of its dependencies The System.Data.SqlServerCe and other binaries were already included and copied locally, …

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Deploying to SQL Azure

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SQL Azure and SQL Server Management Studio During our migration from SQL Express which we had been using for development to SQL Azure, we were having issues connecting to the deployment from SQL Server Managment Studio. If you’re running into issues connection with Management Studio, try the following: Server Name: Should be the instance name …

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Deploying MVC3 Razor Application to Azure

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Deploying an existing MVC 3 application to Azure is fairly simple. Right click your solution and pick Add->New Project, and then search for the “Windows Azure Cloud Service” template. After selecting ok, you will be prompted to add some roles, which you can skip by clicking ok at the bottom of the window. Next, right …

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Deploying SQL Compact Edition (CE) with ASP MVC and Castle ActiveRecord

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With the recent release of Visual Studio 2010 SP1 and its integration with IIS Express and SQL Compact Edition, we have been working to migrate our projects over to using both IIS Express and SQL CE for development. While the initial move can be a bit painful, it definitely saves a ton of startup time …

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Silverlight 3 and DeepZoom

Microsoft’s Silverlight 3 and the DeepZoom composer allow users to display high-resolution images interactively. This provides several benefits for either sets of images in a gallery or for smoothly viewing very large image files. This brief tutorial will demonstrate how to set up a Silverlight 3 project with interactive zoom and panning/scrolling with a DeepZoom …

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Adobe Flex: WebService XML Array Binding, Value-Enabled ComboBox

While working on a new application using Adobe Flex, one shortcoming of the ComboBox was readily apparent: there is no way to store a value and display a different string like one can do with HTML: 1: <SELECT> 2: <OPTION value=”123″>First String</OPTION> 3: <OPTION value=”124″>Second String</OPTION> 4: <OPTION value=”125″>Third String</OPTION> 5: </SELECT> While browsing the …

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Android Programming: Transferring Data Between Intents

While working on the development of some new applications, I have tried transferring complex variables to new intents. For example: Transferring a single variable, or set of single variable is easily accomplished by adding them to the intent. 1: Intent i = new Intent(); 2: i.setClassName("packageName", "packageName.IntentClass"); 3: String term = "data to pass"; 4: …

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Android Programming: Basic Animation

Saving space is a constant necessity of programming on mobile platforms. While mobile devices are extremely convenient, providing a large amount of computing power in an easy-to-carry size, the screen size can make it difficult to use complex applications. One benefit of both the iPhone/iPod and the Android platforms is the ability to use animations …

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Android Programming: AgileMedCalc

Quick, easy to use specialty applications are fantastic on mobile platforms. However, for some utilities, a single application with multiple functions can save a lot of “application space” on menus. To help address this, we’ve created AgileMedCalc to work as a multi-function medical calculator. We’ve rolled in one of our past applications, AgileBloodGas, into this …

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Android Programming: Google Service/App Authentication

While many of the Google applications already have Android-based ports, some of the more “specialty apps” such as AdSense don’t have a mobile interface. Luckily, the Google API allows for an easy login method using an HTTP Post request. One of our current applications, SimpleAdMonitor, uses this method to download an AdSense user’s daily and …

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