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Deploying MVC3 Razor Application to Azure » Agile Tech




Deploying MVC3 Razor Application to Azure

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Deploying an existing MVC 3 application to Azure is fairly simple. Right click your solution and pick Add->New Project, and then search for the “Windows Azure Cloud Service” template. After selecting ok, you will be prompted to add some roles, which you can skip by clicking ok at the bottom of the window. Next, right click the “Roles” folder in the Azure project, and select “Add->Web Role Project In Solution” (this will only be an option if an ASP project is available in the same solution). Pick the project you would like to add, and you’re almost ready to go!
If deploying MVC 3 and using the Razor view engine, you will need to include a few additional references in the project. Make sure the following references are added (either from the .NET reference tab or from C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft ASP.NETASP.NET Web Pagesv1.0Assemblies):
- System.Web.Helpers
- Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure 

- System.Web.Mvc
- System.Web.Razor
- System.Web.WebPages
- System.Web.WebPages.Deployment
- System.Web.WebPages.Razor
For each of the above files, make sure “Copy Local” is selected. To publish your application on Azure, right click the Cloud project and pick “Publish”. If this is the first deployment, you will see the following window:
Publish Window
Under “Credentials”, add a new account and fill in the details from the Azure web interface. Select your Hosted Service and Storage Account that you would like to deploy to, and your web service will be available (relatively soon) on the cloud! If you notice issues with a restart loop in your service, or you are unable to connect, try using the “IntelliTrace for .NET 4 roles” option in the publish window to download a stack trace for troubleshooting.

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